Friday, October 14, 2005

Homecoming Time

This year just like the past two years have been rough on me as a student. From struggling to just try to get loans, grants, and scholarships for tutution to hoping I could find a cheap dependable car. However, I realize I can't afford one. It's strange how cycles repeat themselves. My mother has never owned a car. So as a kid I was used to using undependable public transportation in Newsport News, VA. When I got to college it was hard to find other students on campus who could identify with being poor. Many of my peers had parents who paid for their schooling, books, cars, clothes, and food. I on the other hand knew my mother would never be able to do the same for me. I maintain good grades. I currently have a 3.5 GPA. I am a member of the honors program at A&T. Yet that doesn't really matter to people who may look at my shoes and make fun of them because they arent the newest. It weird how those students who have everything because their parents spoil them typically aren't the ones making the good grades. They are the ones developing the bad smoking and drinking habits. So every year at homecoming time when I see all these students driving cars, buying brand new clothes, and just spending money left and right is it wrong for me to feel a bit jealous? I knew my mother worked hard and she does her best to keep me and my sister in school. I just want a car. I'm not asking for a new car just something that runs well. I can't want to graduate so I can get a good job. Then I can buy my mommy a car and a house to say thank you for all that she did to make sure I could get through school.


Blogger David Boyd said...

Hang tough. I was poor too in college. It's really hard, but it'll pay off. I promise. You'll be the one spoiling your kids someday.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Sue's Place said...

I agree with David. I went to college on a full scholarship because I was smart but poor. My parents couldn't afford to go with me to drop me off at college (or pre-visit). I was in a world of very wealthy roomies and dorm-mates. It was difficult at times.

But today, everything we have is what we worked for. My shoes are OK, I can buy a new thing for my kids because, well, I want to. Not rich, but not poor.

You're possibly the first in your family to go to collge and you're making wise use of the opportunity. One day, when it's easier, you'll look back and realize this built your character in a way no one else can even imagine. And you'll teach your kids that nothing is free; you get what you work for (a little luck helps, too).

And you'll make your own luck.

If you're looking for a p-t job, let me know. I know of one that you can do from your dorm room if you have an Internet connection and know how to use a computer (and maybe just a little bit of HTML).

email me at southernrants-at-gmail-dot-com if you're interested.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Sue's Place said...

BTW, I think it sucked that A&T raised the prices for homecoming football tickets this year for students. They should have gotten regular, or even discounted pricing.

8:37 PM  
Blogger jw said...

Sue and David are right. It's hard when you are struggling through but later on, you will appreciate what you have even more.

I'm surprised, though, by the attitude of your classmates. I thought students were more understanding than that. I'm sure that there are plenty of kids in your circumstances. Find them and rely on one another for support.

7:54 PM  
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