Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Homecoming is Over

Well I made it through another A&T homecoming. But of course I just can't have a stress free weekend. Ok granted I had a good time but it was short lived. Because I lost my class ring. I have had it since my Junior year in high school. Now I feel naked without it. It was so much more than a ring to me. It symbolized that I actually graduated. Many of my family members didn't expect me to because I got off to a rough start in elementary school. I didn't learn to read until second grade. However, I graduated from high school with honors, a member of the National Honor Society, and with a magnet school seal. So when ever things got too hard I could just look down at my ring and be like I can get through this if I graduated. Also was the fact that me and my mom struggled to pay for my ring. We put it on lay-a-way at walmart. So it meant that I actually sacifice to get. I'm hopeful that maybe it's some where in my room but I highly doubt it. I looked through everything at least three times. But it does seem that when you are looking for something you never find it, but when you stop looking for it you find it right away. So all I can do is pray about it. It seem strange that anybody would want a ring with my name, high school name, and the year I graduated on it. But on to some good news. I enjoyed some homecoming events. Except our football team lost again. It would be so much nicer to focus on the students getting great grades than the football players who are barely getting 2.0's. But like any other school all A&T cares about is money. The concert was pretty good. Ciara gave a great performance. She surprised me, I didn't expect her to be able to really sing. But she can and shes a great dancer. She was also the only female to perform so she represented really well. The rapper were quite as great but they got the job done. I however don't agree with a bootlegged movie being played in between acts. So to wrap this up lets just hope my ring turns up.


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