Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sector 21

Perhaps the hardest thing to do when writing blogs is coming up with the title. Today was another rough day. That feeling of sadness for the A&T ladies we lost this week still exist. Having some good friends made it a lot easier though. But death and mourning is never easy. My group members from Sector 21 have become basically my family away from home. Demeche is the older of the group. She provides the more mature aspects of what goes on. Avia is like the mom of the group. She lets everybody knows where they are supposed to be and when. She cooks, she wakes people up for practice. Irena is a comedian. She keeps me laughing. She always tries to include me in group activities so it gets me out of my room. There is also Da'nah she also has a great sense of humor. She is one of those people that can change the mode of a room from happy to sad and vice versa. Then there is the lone male of the group. Jason is funny and he is going to be honest at all times. He's the one that tries to keep us motivated. He sends quotes via text messages, he gives good advice. So without these people I don't know how I would have got through this year. I'm going to miss them over the short thanksgiving break but I know Christmas break will be hard as I don't know what. We also have a good cast. I will discussion them at another time. This is how I got through the lost of Lynai Thorne, Tiffany Kittrell, and Carla Marshall. R.I.P.


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