Monday, November 21, 2005

Editing Video

For the past week I haven't been myself. I've been trying my best to deal with the sadness I feel for the family and friends of Lynai Thorne, Carla Marshall, and Tiffany Kittrell. The story hit so close to home. They were so young. So after going to the memorial on Sunday, November 20, 2005 which I recorded. Yesterday I found myself fighting tears during the memorial service when one of Tiffany's friends spoke. She fought her tears hard yet she wanted us to know that when she saw the three of them last, they were their usual upbeat selves. So today as I had another trying day with the television show, I began to edit the footage from last night. There were somethings I did miss at the service because I ran out of tape and had to battle a low battery. But as I started the editing process I began to feel a little better. I guess because with this tape I know I will never forget these Aggie Angels.


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