Monday, November 21, 2005

A&T football coach fired

George Small A&T's head football coach got fired after three seasons with the aggies. This should be no surprise. His first year granted the aggies were MEAC chaps, the last two seasons have been extremely lackluster. The team went 3-8 both seasons. Many times the team got blown out including an embarrassing home lost to Hampton University on ESPNU. Students for the most part have lost faith in the team. How many good football players would even consider going to A&T now? So maybe it was a no win situation for Small.


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I hope this new coach works out for you.

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Blogger tigeraggie9 said...

Take it from an Old School Aggie who has seen it before. It all boils down to how you recuit. When I entered "T" in the fall of 1981 the team was horrible. It seemed the coaches spent too much time recuriting either up north or only in the Triad area. I know for a fact that down here in the Sandhills area of NC there have been plenty of all-conference talent that wanted to come if they had an offer. For that fact last year Fayetteville State signed a young man...a tackle standing 6'4" 310 lbs who wanted to come to Aggieland because his parents were alums. He was on the short list Clemson too. He will now be the starting OT for the Broncos this year. I do my best to try to get the word out to the young atheletes in this area of the opputunities that a good solid education from "T" will afford them, but when you get no rep from the "T" recuiters what can one do!

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