Monday, November 21, 2005

Teen Dad Feted by People Magazine Slain

Date: Sunday, November 20, 2005By: Associated Press
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - An 18-year-old gunned down on his way home from work had been honored by People magazine this past summer as an outstanding father.
Terrell Pough, a single parent who worked to support his two-year-old daughter while finishing school, was shot in the head Thursday night in front of his home, police said. He later died at a hospital.
Pough, the night manager at a fast-food restaurant, was not robbed and has no record of violence, police said.

However, his family said his new car and its key were missing. The Honda Civic was given to him by someone who had read the People article, which ran in August.
The magazine called Pough "a rare breed of teenaged dads who are trying to raise children."
Pough attended the YouthBuild Charter School in North Philadelphia, where he was learning construction skills by rebuilding abandoned houses. He was set to graduate in June.
Pough stood out in his rough neighborhood as a single father with custody of his daughter, Diamond. He was quoted in People as saying: "If something ever happens to me, no one can ever tell her that her dad didn't take care of her."

It's a shame for a young kid to be killed, but should he really be given positive attention for doing something he should have done. Many men do not take care of their children. Yet it does take two to make a baby. I am from a single parent household, where I watch my mom try her best to make ends met. Yet you only hear about ilegitimate kids, but it's the parent and most often times the walking sperm banks who are ilegitimate.


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