Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vick VS. Young

Of course Vince Young is not only the better quarter back in this case, he's the bigger man. Peter Schrager for Fox Sports put it greatly.

Vick at it again


Marcus Vick gets arrested yet again. I would think after being dropped from Tech, being arrested, and losing his license he would have learned something by now. Why do the people who can throw a ball get all the free rides in life?

Friday, January 06, 2006



What do WNBA players do after retirement? I'm glad to see one of my favorite Teresa Weatherspoon doing something. She had kind of disappeared.

Farewell Marcus Vick


The Hokies finally make Marcus Vick man up to his problems. He was kicked off the team. From giving underage girls alcohol, to stomping on over players calf. Drug problems, hes been there and done that also. Any other players or student would have long been kicked off the team and out of the university. Why can't Newport News or Bad Newz as those of us who live or lived there call it have one success althete make it and not have a criminal record to go along with it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


What exactly is a V-Girl? A girl from Virginia according to Trey Songz with his new single. Of course I am from Virginia and I heard the song while I was home for break. I like the song. Its about time we have a song people tend to hate VA. It has break through potential but people probably won't play it outside of this state. But they will rep GA and NY for life and have never been there a day in their life. I like the song so I guess that's all that matters now.

LSU starter suspended

Florence Williams a starter for LSU lady tigers was suspended immediately for three games for undisclosed reasons by the ball club. The Tigers are ranked number three in the nation. Hopefully, my favorite team will not be hurt too much by this supension. Williams is one of my favorites on the team. She plays her role well on the team.

Dewayne Wickham

Dewayne Wickham is a editorial writer for USA today, he also teaches at North Carolina A&T State University. Recently I read one of his articles about suicide and rates spiking at Christmas time. I learned that he had lost his parents when he was 8. His father murdered his mother and than took his own life. A tough situation for anyone for to deal with yet a lone an eight year old. Suicide needs to be addressed in this country just like poverty.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oh no, Books

The new year has come and its almost time to head back to school. The sad part I'm broke and I haven't even brought books yet. The bookstore of course rips you off. I try to find my books online. Typically, amazon.com and campusi.com help me out a lot. Maybe books should just be included in the high price of education. If anybody wants to donate to my book and bill fund I would gladly accept.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Beyonce- Check On It Video

The new Beyonce video is very pink but surprisingly entertaining to me. I admit to liking the song enough to make it a ringtone on my cell phone. The pink panther inspired video could have been shot next door to a Victoria's Secret store. Beyonce showed off a freshly toned body equipped with an updated version of her infamous booty dance. I like the appearance byt Slim Thug that's a good looking guy. Beyonce doesn't seem to have a bit of body fat. I must admit that I typically don't like Beyonce but I do like her a lot more now. Too bad the group broke up. And while we are on the subject on Beyonce why is her nephew in the holiday wal-mart commerical but her sister is no where to be found. But I'm not hating on Beyonce anymore.

Song via DJ Deluxe

Video Via Launch.com

LSU lady tigers tear apart A&T aggies


The lady tigers of LSU (my favorite basketball team the last four seasons) ripped the lady aggies to shreds with the score of 99-35. The reserves scored 65 points over the aggies. LSU has had a great season this year reflective of last season even though they lost their star point graud to graduation. Simone Augustus and Slivia have had great presence on the court. The bench is strong with players like Florence Williams. They are my pick to win the whole thing as they have been the past two years. On the other hand being an aggie this lost is embarrassing. Its not as bad as the Ball state lost to Duke though. That score was 1oo something to 24. The aggies have a very few winning sports teams. One being baseball and who expects a hbcu to suck at basketball but be great at baseball. The leading scorer for A&T had just 10 points. They have not won a game all season. That comes at no surprised though.