Monday, January 02, 2006

Beyonce- Check On It Video

The new Beyonce video is very pink but surprisingly entertaining to me. I admit to liking the song enough to make it a ringtone on my cell phone. The pink panther inspired video could have been shot next door to a Victoria's Secret store. Beyonce showed off a freshly toned body equipped with an updated version of her infamous booty dance. I like the appearance byt Slim Thug that's a good looking guy. Beyonce doesn't seem to have a bit of body fat. I must admit that I typically don't like Beyonce but I do like her a lot more now. Too bad the group broke up. And while we are on the subject on Beyonce why is her nephew in the holiday wal-mart commerical but her sister is no where to be found. But I'm not hating on Beyonce anymore.

Song via DJ Deluxe

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