Monday, January 02, 2006

LSU lady tigers tear apart A&T aggies

The lady tigers of LSU (my favorite basketball team the last four seasons) ripped the lady aggies to shreds with the score of 99-35. The reserves scored 65 points over the aggies. LSU has had a great season this year reflective of last season even though they lost their star point graud to graduation. Simone Augustus and Slivia have had great presence on the court. The bench is strong with players like Florence Williams. They are my pick to win the whole thing as they have been the past two years. On the other hand being an aggie this lost is embarrassing. Its not as bad as the Ball state lost to Duke though. That score was 1oo something to 24. The aggies have a very few winning sports teams. One being baseball and who expects a hbcu to suck at basketball but be great at baseball. The leading scorer for A&T had just 10 points. They have not won a game all season. That comes at no surprised though.


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