Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Day Reflection!

Once again this hoilday I was reminded that I have a crazy family. The good thing is I got to see my mommy who I hadn't seen in a few months. This year I also realize I have a group of true friends now. This great good of friends called me to check in, see how my family and I were doing. Even though I miss them right now since they have become my family away from home, I am happy I got to spend some time with my mom and my sister. We did't do any shopping early Friday though. Than again I never have. I still feel sad for the familes of the young ladies who past away on the 15. What parent expects to lose a child? I also realized how my mother still needs transportation. I can't wait until I graduate and start making money so mommy will be taking care of.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Boondocks Cartoon

The new Boondocks Cartoon on Cartoon Network's adult swim is a great cartoon that contains many social commentaries. The cartoon based on the comic of the same title by Aaron Mcgruder. It is a black comic strip and cartoon that focuses on the black community and rationale. Aaron Mcgruder is a genius. I recommend this strip and show to everybody who likes to laugh. And be educated at the same time. Check out the site at:

Teen Dad Feted by People Magazine Slain

Date: Sunday, November 20, 2005By: Associated Press
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - An 18-year-old gunned down on his way home from work had been honored by People magazine this past summer as an outstanding father.
Terrell Pough, a single parent who worked to support his two-year-old daughter while finishing school, was shot in the head Thursday night in front of his home, police said. He later died at a hospital.
Pough, the night manager at a fast-food restaurant, was not robbed and has no record of violence, police said.

However, his family said his new car and its key were missing. The Honda Civic was given to him by someone who had read the People article, which ran in August.
The magazine called Pough "a rare breed of teenaged dads who are trying to raise children."
Pough attended the YouthBuild Charter School in North Philadelphia, where he was learning construction skills by rebuilding abandoned houses. He was set to graduate in June.
Pough stood out in his rough neighborhood as a single father with custody of his daughter, Diamond. He was quoted in People as saying: "If something ever happens to me, no one can ever tell her that her dad didn't take care of her."

It's a shame for a young kid to be killed, but should he really be given positive attention for doing something he should have done. Many men do not take care of their children. Yet it does take two to make a baby. I am from a single parent household, where I watch my mom try her best to make ends met. Yet you only hear about ilegitimate kids, but it's the parent and most often times the walking sperm banks who are ilegitimate.

A&T football coach fired

George Small A&T's head football coach got fired after three seasons with the aggies. This should be no surprise. His first year granted the aggies were MEAC chaps, the last two seasons have been extremely lackluster. The team went 3-8 both seasons. Many times the team got blown out including an embarrassing home lost to Hampton University on ESPNU. Students for the most part have lost faith in the team. How many good football players would even consider going to A&T now? So maybe it was a no win situation for Small.

Editing Video

For the past week I haven't been myself. I've been trying my best to deal with the sadness I feel for the family and friends of Lynai Thorne, Carla Marshall, and Tiffany Kittrell. The story hit so close to home. They were so young. So after going to the memorial on Sunday, November 20, 2005 which I recorded. Yesterday I found myself fighting tears during the memorial service when one of Tiffany's friends spoke. She fought her tears hard yet she wanted us to know that when she saw the three of them last, they were their usual upbeat selves. So today as I had another trying day with the television show, I began to edit the footage from last night. There were somethings I did miss at the service because I ran out of tape and had to battle a low battery. But as I started the editing process I began to feel a little better. I guess because with this tape I know I will never forget these Aggie Angels.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

18 year old mayor

The city of Hillsdale, Mighigan voted a 18 year old into the office of mayor. Does a 18 yeah old really have what it takes to fulfill this position.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sector 21

Perhaps the hardest thing to do when writing blogs is coming up with the title. Today was another rough day. That feeling of sadness for the A&T ladies we lost this week still exist. Having some good friends made it a lot easier though. But death and mourning is never easy. My group members from Sector 21 have become basically my family away from home. Demeche is the older of the group. She provides the more mature aspects of what goes on. Avia is like the mom of the group. She lets everybody knows where they are supposed to be and when. She cooks, she wakes people up for practice. Irena is a comedian. She keeps me laughing. She always tries to include me in group activities so it gets me out of my room. There is also Da'nah she also has a great sense of humor. She is one of those people that can change the mode of a room from happy to sad and vice versa. Then there is the lone male of the group. Jason is funny and he is going to be honest at all times. He's the one that tries to keep us motivated. He sends quotes via text messages, he gives good advice. So without these people I don't know how I would have got through this year. I'm going to miss them over the short thanksgiving break but I know Christmas break will be hard as I don't know what. We also have a good cast. I will discussion them at another time. This is how I got through the lost of Lynai Thorne, Tiffany Kittrell, and Carla Marshall. R.I.P.

Fallen Aggies

I still can't really grasp the concept of three of our own passing away so suddenly. The story in itself is a tear jerker. Lynai Thorne, Carla Marshal, and Tiffany Kittrell had been best friends in middle school. They lost contact when Kittrell moved away from Raeford to Virginia. Then it seems through devine intervention they reunited outside of barbee hall on A&T's campus. They became best friends all over again. The young ladies were only 19. A age where many are just starting to experience life. They all dead together in a single car crash. On campus everywhere you go somebody is talking about it. Rather they are pondering what really happened that night or warning their friends to be careful while driving. The dangerous of speeding has also been a common topic of discussion. The group of individuals I am working with want to try to do something for their memory. I did not know the young ladies personally, I do however, know people who do. I can't seem to shake this feeling of uneasiness about the whole situation though. I just hope and pray that their really is truth in the sayings that "everything happens for a reason" and "God sometimes calls his angels home early because he needs them there".

Thursday, November 17, 2005

3 A&T Students Mourned After Deadly Car Crash

How did it happen? What happened? Why were they speeding?

These are questions that sadly will never be answered because the only three who can answer it, Tiffany Kitrell, Carla Marshall, and Lynai Thorne died on Tuesday November 15, 2005. All three of the young lady aggies were 19. Just beginning their lifes. The mood on campus seemed a bit slower, a bit saddest, on Wed. as students tried to comfort themselves and their friends. My heart goes out to the students who were lost, the families and friends of them all. There will be a special selection in my television show for the young ladies. They will be missed.

Here is a link to express your thoughts on this tragic situation:

Also the News and Record Article Written by Lanita Withers